Best Help Sites

  • Ask Mr Robot A site that downloads your character from WoW Armory and makes suggestions for the best upgrades, enchants, gems, reforges to get the best out of your particular character (681 Hits)
  • Noxxic Introductory site to your character - the main stats and builds, rotations of spells/attacks/heals, and lots of other useful information (517 Hits)
  • WoW Popular A site which shows all of the most popular enchants, gems, glyphs, specs etc - be warned though - just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's the best! (413 Hits)
  • Elitist Jerks Semi-professional players who give the most technical information and recommendations, backed up by lots of statistics (424 Hits)
  • Icy Veins Fantastic strategy guides detailing every aspect of raid and dungeon bosses - absolute need to know for Raiders! (636 Hits)
  • Great Guild!

    ...wish I had more time to spend online with you all

  • Thanks!

    You guys are awesome guildees

  • Excellent Work always.

  • Well-oiled Machine

    I like progressing with this team

  • Loot Council run it fairly

  • Really, really cool

    nice bunch of guys